"The Passionist Magazine"

"The Passionist Magazine" was published by Holy Cross Province over a period of 60+ years, with some interruptions and re-branding during its lifetime as a periodical for Passionists and by Passionists.  In its later years, it was recast as a reflective journal of Passionist life and spirituality, with an audience intended to include the growing phenomenon of the Passionist "Family", with its desire to be nourished by the Passionist charism.

As specific editions of the magazine are published here on the web, some guidance will be offered for the content that might be more relevant for this new generation of Passionist life.

  • 77_05_Pass.pdf   "Starting with the personal testimony of our Founder himself, the articles in this issue cover three main streams of what we are about: responding to God's call, preaching and praying."
  • 79_07_Pass.pdf   "During this Tenth Anniversary of CTU, The Passionist takes a long look at it--how it came into being, what is happening there, what this means for us Passionists."
  • 80_08_Pass.pdf   "The Passionist in 1975 shared with Passionists throughout the world the message and spirit of the Assembly of Holy Cross Province.  Now in 1980 The Passionist again shares with its readers the Convocation of the Province of St. Paul of the Cross."