"The Passionists"

Scan of the original book's cover.

…by Fr. Roger Mercurio, C.P., published in 1992; a readable historical sweep of the persons and events that bring the Passionist Congregation from its founder into the end of the 20th century.

Fr. Roger, a member of Holy Cross Province (U.S.A.) of the Passionist Congregation, died on April 3, 2001.  Two days later, Fr. Donald Senior, C.P., delivered the Homily at Fr. Roger's funeral Mass.  That homily captures much of the richness of his Passionist life.  Read Fr. Senior's homily.

You may download .pdf files of the book's text.

Foreword and Introduction     Chap 1+2     Chap 3+6     Chap 7+8

Chap 9+11     Chap 12+13     Chap 14+15     Chap 16+18

Chap 19+20    Chap 21+22     Chap 23+24     Epilogue + Index