"Mystical Death"

St Paul of the Cross is one of the great mystics of the Western Christian Church. A key work of his that was lost for almost two centuries was a "treatise" on Mystical Death and Re-birth/Resurrection.  Relevant studies will be offered on this site. 

Fr. Antonio Artola, C.P., has a long career as a student and teacher of the spirituality of the Congrgation.  Here, his work, El Morir de Cristo y su Participacion Mistica (Spanish), explores the concept of Mystical Death.  File is in two parts.  Part 1 and Part 2.

Fr. Costante Brovetto, C.P., also is a long-time historian of Passionist spirituality.  His work was privately published and translated into English by Frs. Simon Wood, C.P., and Silvan Rouse, C.P. The "Notes" file contains the footnotes to the text.  Text: 50MB; and Notes: 16MB.